Mint date: Oct/13/22

a darker NFT collection is coming…

a darker NFT collection is coming…
666 males + 666 females
1332 total supply
132 1 of 1 Legendaries
13 1 of 1 Collabs
uniquely digitally signed nfts
DAO COmic book Series

666 Male + 666 Female PFP avatars based on the 7 Deadly Sins, in a world of cute NFTs, its time for the horror Genre to stand out! Total supply 1332

The roadmap of horrors

10% of total mint sales will be redistributed to the B2DC 777 Genesis holders. Holders also get WL and a free mint on mint day for holding a Deadboi! 

Upon sell out on a date TBA, holders will able to ascend their sins, there will only be a total of 333 ascended. More detail on this to come!

We will be introducing our own Native Token to the Board 2 Death Ecosystem, you’l be able to use this token to mint all future projects and collections Including the comic book anthology series.

All B2DS and B2DC will have Staking options, where you generate our native token daily depending on rarity of your NFT. You will also be using our token to vote with!

B2DSinners DOA based Comic book series. as a community you’l be able to vote how each chapter ends and the path each main character takes.

Each Sin will have a Metaverse ready rigged avatar associated with it, total of 14 avatars to collect, and so much more to come!

PFP Collection like no other!

All 14 base models will be downloadable and METAVERSE ready! Locked behind each corresponding NFT.

All Legendary sinners tattooed for free Just like the legendary from b2dc!

Sin: Pride
Gender: Male 
Realm of Inferno
“inferno, the first and most common layer of sin”
Sin: Sloth
Gender: Male
Realm of Rot
“As your sin takes hold of your heart, you will decay from within.”
Sin: Wrath
Gender: Male 
Realm of frost
“when sin’s icy veins choke your heart, you wont be able to let it go.”
Sin: Lust
Gender: Female
Realm of Despair
“the deeper the path you walk, the more despair lay in your wake”
Sin: Gluttony
Gender: Male 
Realm of rage
“anger and fury wage a fearsome heat in your heart, like a relentless fever.”
Sin: Greed
Gender: Male 
Realm of jade
“Your mind and heart dwell deep, jaded you soon will become.”
Sin: Envy
Gender: Male 
Realm of GoldBlight
“a fully corrupted heart blackens and encases in gold, like an infection impossible to cure.”

More to come!

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